How come i thought of You being inspired when You were that busy imitating ?

Well …


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  1. Imitating is usually done when someone is insecure or jealous or not confident in the subconscious level. (yeah I researched thatπŸ‘€)
    Ideas will come to your You, after “You” will be proud and confident as you have been…
    P.s. Chill babe : *

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  2. I am certain that you too at some point in your life might have tried to positively imitate others . I think everyone does that as far as I believe everyone wants to become better right? And that is obviously not possible if you remain content with what you have.. every person seeks more … well imitation is good if you pay regards towards the person who inspired you …
    But yes point to remember is that copying the original styles and creations of someone without their permission or without mentioning the actual source is what we call a negative one .. that will be totally unfair to your role model if you copy their creation without them being awared of the fact first ..

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    1. That was too kind of you to be certain that i too at some point in my life have tried to positively imitate others. well you call it positive imitation , i call it inspiration. Of course, everybody does it and that is obviously what I pray for. like everyone being inspired . after all i too believe that sharing our views makes our thought better and stronger .
      But well if you begin to subjectify it by just mentioning that these people want to be better, so not be content with what you have l and so on, then it’s arguable to the infinity…

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  3. I am actually unaware of the thing that made you write so but somehow I just gave a thought on it… that was what I felt. Well ,
    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” A quote by Charles Caleb Colton. Yes … all you need to be is ‘a voice not an echo’ (copied) …
    Good luckπŸ–’
    I am glad how such young bloggers like you have a passion writing ..
    I look forward to reading more articles and quotes by you …
    Best wishes

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    1. Thank you so much ..
      I think , ” Imitation is when you disregard the creator and his/er effort that has been put to create something . However amazingly, without mentioning the source, and without a bit of shame , you reward yourself for having such an amazing creation. ”
      I am so glad to read out that you got what I mean.
      I just gave a concern on how the original creations, styles and thoughts are being copied without the authorised person being informed or rewarded …

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  4. Oh πŸ˜ƒI feel immensely glad on how such a young girl like you has emphasized on having originality .. this kind of belief is what the people today need to have because by imitating someone’s creation, everybody can win some hearts but they cannot win their own heart..
    Keep going and always remember that they can imitate your style and your creation but not your passion and your creativity .. they might boast themselves around but deep inside these people know that they are the cheaters .. β€˜a real copy cat’ ☺
    Read more and write more .. I can see your potentiality. You have enveloped so many things in a single sentence..
    May Lord Jesus bless you child .πŸ˜‡

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  5. Interesting. Inspired versus imitation. Hmmm. Inspiration is a burning desire to accomplish something. Imitation is not knowing who you are, and therefore, you must mimic someone else. How did I do? Ha ha.

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  6. A mirror is only as flattering as the image it is portraying. The good thing about this card πŸƒ is that it can be anything, but foolish if it chooses to be nobody. A reflection is nobody so in order to feel like a somebody, it has to copy some ones body! 😁

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