Whenever I seriously think of writing something, there is an endless chatter of thoughts in my mind and I end up writing nothing ….😂


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  1. Start writing first on a piece of paper. The first draft will be rough. Refine it, write again. When you are satisfied with the final draft, post it. That’s how I learnt the trick. Even now, it is not the first draft you see in the post.

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  2. Often, because it (creative powers) is a work in progress, I just do some kind of physical exercise, and my thoughts, themes, collate due to the monotony of exercise. You see in the monotony, that Void within becomes antsy for “value” and so the Spiritual overwhelms the dead and inSpiration rises to the fore. When done with the ritual of exercise I sit calmly with a worthy idea. Another thing which never fails, upon awakening, do not break the night fast. Eat nothing, except liquids (coffee, tea, water…), sit down to write, peruse your earlier work and the ongoing metamorphoses of life themes gel within. This early morning process never fails me. Life, if we don’t have a release valve wants to own the mediocrity of death within us.
    And thank you so much for your support on this day. I see a great future for you.

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