Well, who needs to know that…

I too am a young teenaged girl. I obviously do have a fear of missing out. So I tell you,” I am a humble narcissist.” I too think that every waking moment and every action I make is important enough to tell the world. Yes, I too want to make people stop for a while and give me a pinch of their love, care and affection. Because sometimes, I too feel that people are not aware of my real worth and don’t pay attention. Well, I am not arrogant but I just feel I am unnoticed or unrecognised. I undoubtedly do care about what people think about me. I too don’t like when people underestimate me. I do show off to achieve mastery at times. I show for positive feedbacks because like you all young girls I too urge for an authority and authentic social life.
But, well who needs to know that for l know that this feeling is just like an itching wound that’s about to get healed. It is just like a burning candle about to get extinguished. For I know that this was all the part of growing up.Deep inside I do know that the time will come when I will detach myself from this incessant chatter of mind and let my character speak out for itself.


24 thoughts on “Well, who needs to know that…

  1. Really interesting to find such a young girl of your age with such free expression of mind…
    Your line….itching wound will heal up with passage of time really touched my Soul..
    Do you know the Soul has no age ?
    That’s you are….
    Keep on writing and express your passion ❀️
    My Best wishes and I will tell you to go through my Blogs…because I have blogs on varieties of Tastes……

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    1. So glad to read that ….. thank you !!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
      yes because right at this moment I am so inspired with the thought that everything is temporary in this wicked world ; everything, even our feelings .. so just tried to relate that …. its my pleasure to know that it touched your soul… Thank you !!
      I too believe that age is just a number … internal age is what it matters ….
      yes I surely will go through your writings…
      Regards !!!


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