A Journal of a mad girl

Today, the morning seems so beautiful. Actually it is beautiful, it does not just seem. I look out through a window pane . A cool wind blowing out hits my face and finds its way to my lungs. Then I look at the sun. Sun is high. I stare high at the sun and soon started a sunburn on my eyeballs . That’s what happens when you try to hold a staring contest with your closest star. I thought a thought of thinking of catching all my flying thoughts and bringing it back to my desk. That is when I start having an absent mind. Literally a void one.
‘I’ starts thinking of ‘me’ now. So many characters come as a flashback to my cerebellum. Following to their faces comes their words they had uttered to me that day. Well, now I memorize that day, the day not that far but yesterday. Yesterday, after ‘me’ being seen by ‘them’ ,they said, ” today she seems so mad.” But I said, ” Actually I am mad, ‘I’ does not just seem.”


6 thoughts on “A Journal of a mad girl

  1. I just realized, and not knowing, I didn’t know how to address the last post, you like to talk in riddles, paradoxes, contradictions. Yes, I know that some of your fans enjoy the queries, it is fun to some of them, but you really like to tease the reader. You play with the mind of the reader. That is great. I like, especially that banner over your blog; (paraphrase) “I wish to be free of wishes” don’t want to look back and get it correct. But that is a great slogan. Again thanks for your support today.

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    1. Its my pleasure sir ….. I am Really glad to read how you have analyzed the article …. I actually got inspired by the Paradoxes .. They are too catchy to me …And thank you for stopping by and reading the post .. 😃happy blogging sir!

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