Brownie ‘My four legged angel’

That day still retains in my memory. It was the Friday evening of April,2009. I had just arrived home from school. As it was Friday, there was kind of relief in my heart for the following day that is Saturday was used to bringing a short and sweet sort of recess in my tiny world.
“would you like to bring a pet to our home?” , the question my brother had asked me back then. Well, I was a kid and at times i used to feel lonely at home. As soon as my ears catched the word ‘pet’,there were butterflies flying in my stomach. And then, that evening I along with my family welcomed a new member to our home. I would rather use ‘he’ instead of ‘it’ cause we have such a divine bond with brownie that is no less than a personal attachment. Our bond with him is the blessed one, I guess. He is truly a god of frolic. He is the best therapist i would ever have. There is always a hope in his eyes. The best thing I find in him is he always reciprocates the love that we provide him.
Loving unconditionally is what i have learnt from him.



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